My story

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Hey there!  I'm Lisa, founder of Shine and Co. A single mother, with a story to share and a dream to create.

After my own experience, I created Shine and Co as a space that supports women in finding the courage to follow their dreams.

Leaving my own toxic relationship with a toddler and pregnant, I returned home to New Zealand.  Determined to live the life I saw in my visions and create a safe and happy home for my boys, I immersed myself in personal growth to learn tools, tips and strategies on mindset and self-love.  I wanted to rediscover my purpose, my mission and my true self.  I now feel purposed to share these tools that worked for me with other women so they too can own their story, put themselves first and know that home can be a safe place.

I have created a range of statement tees as a tangible way to raise awareness and funds for charities working to support women who find themselves in domestic abuse situations.  Consciously curated with social responsibility, the bold statement tees are fun to wear and a portion of every sale goes directly to charity.  Learn more about the charities we support.

Working with charities helps in supporting the wider collective of women but I adore supporting women 1:1.  I have chosen Arbonne as the vehicle to achieve this.  I love to see women thrive in owning their life, in making their dreams a reality, in building income, in stepping outside of their comfort zone and being their true authentic self.  Arbonne allows all of this and so much more.  To find out more, jump through to this page.

 There is lots more to come with Shine and Co, so watch this space.  Sign up to the newsletter to keep up with the latest updates, plus download your free ebook 'Love Yourself First'.


Love + gratitude,

Lisa x